• Thomas and friends 47

    Hello. My name is Bertram Hatt aka Thomas and friends 47. I found the Rescue Heroes wikia about three months ago, the wikia needs help. Help from me, and most importantly YOU! We as a community, can come together and make this wikia the best it can be...

    Why do I like Rescue Heroes

    Well, like many of you, I played with them as a child and never really grew out of them. I played with the toys and to this day I still have the Jake Justice Police car me and my little brother got for Christmas From my Grand ma and my late grand father.

    Why do I want a new Admin for RHW?

    I want a new Admin, because the RHW is starting to get out dated. It needs a face lift and WE can do it. With a new Admin, we can make important changes and serve the Rescue Heroes…

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