Extreme Earthquake is a first half of the fifty-first episode.


Mayhem occurs when an earthquake hits Falcon, Colorado. Billy realizes that he cannot afford to lose Jake.



Billy Blazes: I just can't afford to realize that Jake was wounded. The mission won't be the same.
Ariel Flyer: That's not new news.
Billy Blazes: Ariel, our mistake had caused him to get hurt.
Ariel Flyer: You're right. [hears the beeping noise] I think it's an earthquake in Falcon, Colorado. The local authorities can use some help.
Billy Blazes: Good. But we'll need backup and we are going without Jake. Jack, I need you to locate Rip Rockefeller, Perry Chute, Matt Medic, Willy Stop, and Sergeant Siren. Tell them to meet us at Falcon, Colorado and make sure that they have the right to use E.C.C.
Jack Hammer: Evacuation Crowd Control. I'll do.
[The Rescue Heroes race into action]

[The Rescue Heroes land in Falcon, Colorado]
Willy Stop: Surprised to see us, William?
Ariel Flyer: Sergeant, what's the status?
Sergeant Siren: We have seventeen people trapped in the building. Buildings are unstable and aftershocks are rolling into the entire region.
Billy Blazes: That's terrible, Sergeant. What else is trapped?
Sergeant Siren: The other one? We have some animals trapped in the forest. We handled with that earthquake in Tokyo when Jack Hammer used Urv to save the children.
Billy Blazes: We have a job to do. So I'll give you some instructions. I need both of you to come with me, Matt, and Rip.
Willy Stop: Since Jack Hammer was hit by a seat of a ferris wheel, I helped you once.
Ariel Flyer: [she, Perry and Jack race to the rescue] We are one step ahead of you.
Sergeant Siren: Willy, go with Ariel, Perry and Jack.
Willy Stop: Got it, Sergeant.
Billy Blazes: Okay. Let's go!

[Ariel, Willy, Perry and Jack are in the forest]
Ariel Flyer: That's two down, seven to go.
Willy Stop: In fact, I studied ecology when I was in 7th grade in my middle school.
Ariel Flyer, Jack Hammer and Perry Chute: [hear the aftershock rolling] Willy!
Willy Stop: What? Whoa! Whoa! WHOOAA!
[Willy jumps for cover while Billy, Rip, Matt and Sergeant get four of the people to safety]
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