Hyper-Jet HQ known as the plasma jet
Hyper jet



Engine powered by fuel rods

Low bypass turbofans


Hyper-sonic ( Mach 5 )

Landing and Takeoff

Hybrid ( Vertical and Horizontal)


White with Red ( in other depictions Navy blue with grey )




Top Level

Pilots and co-Pilots

Billy Blazes, Wendy Waters, Ariel Flyer, Rocky Canyon

Hyper-Jet HQ is hypersonic multi-purpose jet of tremendous scale, used by the Rescue Heroes. In particular, their Global Response Team (GRT). The jet serves the team for transportation, reconnaissance, and rendezvous.

The jets fuel is superheated plasma like the plasma weapon the covenant use in halo .The fuel is same used in covenant vehicle. It is also powered by using fuel rod ballistic projectiles.

The Hyper-Jet HQ serves many tasks during operation. It is equipped to handle any mission of any scale or complexity.

Its main features are the following:

  • Powerful computer network that locates all available Rescue Heroes teams
  • On demand radio communication across all teams
  • High-density GPS tracking
  • Storage of small vehicles, small craft, and and small helicopters
  • Satellite communications with Warren Waters and Roger Houston , at the Hexagon from space
  • In the HD Universe, it is painted White, Grey, and Red.
  • In the 3D Universe, it is painted Yellow, White, and Red.
  • It is based on a C-5 Galaxy, Concorde, and an Antonov An-255, although no real life aircraft matches it specifically.