Rescue Heroes In the Driver's Seat
In The Driver's Seat
is the 33rd episode.


The episode begins in California where Jake Justice is enjoying his new Police Car. Everyone wants to give it a spin, much to Jake's Annoyance. During a police chase, a car accident and fuel truck explosion cause an oil fire in a sewers of Los Angeles, California. The faucets and hoses begin to shoot out fire. Meanwhile, Pat Pending is trying to fix URV. Kenny Ride Rescues 4 teenagers, and Billy and Wendy struggle to fight the fire. Eventually, Jack has to use Jake's police car to save the day. Aerial attempts to lift the tanker with her helicopter but almost causes an accident when one of the chains snaps. Billy uses URV to save everyone and Jake is now willing to share his new car.


In real life, the events of this episode would not be possible. The Real UH-1H Huey Iroquois Helicopter could easily lift 5 tons, but nothing more. A big semi truck weighs 40 to 50 tons. Also no aerial lift chain could be thick enough to hold that much weight. Multiple Chains would be required. All of those chains would outweigh the helicopter's lifing ability. Also, the helicopter could have crashed before Aerial had any time to react.