Rescue Heroes Lava Alarm
Lava Alarm
was the pilot episode of Rescue Heroes, released in 1997. It never aired on television, only available on VHS and DVD.

Plot Edit

A volcano is about to erupt off the coast at Paradise Point. Professor Noah Lott, a naturalist, and his wife are camped close to the volcano while their kids are also exploring, far from safety. It is up to the Rescue Heroes to save the family before it is too late.


Differences from the show Edit

There are few differences spotted and heard throughout the episode apart from the show before the series was greenlit in two years later in 1999.

  • All of the characters(mainly the Rescue Heroes)have different voice actors & actresses
  • Cliff Hanger is not Australian.
  • The team already have Smokey.
  • Comet appears in the pilot, but doesn't appear in the actual show until season 2
  • Rocky Canyon is not a rookie like in the actual show.
  • Ariel Flyer does not appear in this pilot.
  • The episode is not Canon.

Trivia Edit

  • Billy Blazes is not voiced by Norm Spencer.
  • Wendy Waters is not voiced by Lenore Zann.
  • Jake Justice is not voiced by Martin Roach.
  • In the end credits, the name "John Ralston" is seen. This could be possibly be meaning it's the father of Stuart Ralston, who originally voiced Rocky from the first two seasons of the hit Nickelodeon show, "PAW Patrol"


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