Matt Medic: Optic Force.

Matt Medic is a trauma surgeon and ER docotor.

He performs on-the-fly emergency care. He is head of the emergency medical response team within the Rescue Heroes. 

It is not known whether the Rescue Heroes contains a hospital unit. In all episodes of the Rescue Heroes:(TV Series), patients in stable conditions are not handled by Rescue Heroes, but presumably are taken to local hospitals to recover.


Matt Medic is a medical doctor who works on the Rescue Heroes team. He is a kind gentle man who is always eager to help someone in need. Little is known about his childhood.


Matt Medic has made many appearences through the years including:

  • Matt Medic: Mission Select. 
  • Matt Medic: Power Max.
  • Matt Medic: Rescue Robots.
  • Matt Medic: Speacial Edition.
  • Matt Medic: Optic Force.
  • Matt Medic: FDNY Team.
  • Matt Medic: Large Series.   
  • Matt Medic: Inspirational Heroes.
  • Matt Medic: Voice Tech.