Peter Slater is a freelance photographer.


He is introduced as a possible resident of Cape Trinity, the site of an oncoming hurricane making landfall. Slater is first stopped by Cape Trinity Sheriff Fred Winslow, who warned him not to attempt taking any photographs of the hurricane. Slater ignored the Sheriff's warning, insisting that his photos would better if he took advantage of this particular hurricane being "off the charts". He is later seen flying his private airplane into the hurricane, attempting to photograph the "eye" with the hope of earning more money for his photos. He is spotted by rescue heroes, Ariel Flyer, Wendy Waters and Rocky Canyon before his airplane stalled. Rocky and Wendy personally rescued him from his plane and took him back to their field headquarters on the ground where he was admonished by the three Rescue Heroes. They told him he likely earned a "huge fine" and revocation of his pilot's license. Apparently he was going to serve possible jail time as he was escorted away by a policeman.