Rescue Heroes Mission Select
Rescue Heroes: Mission Select
is a Rescue Heroes PC game.

Plot Edit

A wave of disasters have caused havoc in three areas in the disaster zone: A powerful storm strikes a city causing fires and a blackout and caused heavy damage, a dormant volcano erupts causing landslides of lava that trapped campers and hikers, and a storm search flooding a seaside village which caused many people to get surround by flood waters. It's up to the Rescue Heroes to save all the people and animals in the disasters.

Missions Edit

Burning BlackoutEdit

The player must help Billy Blazes fight fires, repair all the damages in the city and get the city's power up and running again and rescue all the people and zoo animals in the process.

Flood ForceEdit

The player must help Gil Gripper rescue all the people surround by flood waters and repair all the flood damages.

Volcano FuryEdit

The player must help Hal E. Copter rescue all the people and animals from the volcano and repair all the damages the volcano caused in the process.

Characters Edit