Rescue Heroes (2001 film)

Directed by

Ang Lee

Produced by

Lisa Weinstein

Written by

Bruce Joel Rubin
David Mickey Evans


Aaron Eckhart
Owen Wilson
Cuba Gooding, jr.
Breckin Meyer
Wesley Snipes
Kate Winslet
Hilary Swank
Gary Sinise
Dennis Quaid
Aidan Quinn

Music by

Alan Silvestri

Cinematography by

Lazslo Kovacs

Distributed by

Universal Studios

Release date

June 14, 2001


$21 million


110 minutes

Too many parameters

Rescue Heroes is a 2001 American action adventure film starring Aaron Eckhart, Owen Wilson, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Breckin Meyer, Kate Winslet, Hialry Swank, Gary Sinise with Patrick Swayze and Tony Goldwyn.


Billy Blazes (Aaron Eckhart) is a firefighter who was kidnapped when he was 7 years old. Billy is a leader of the Rescue Heroes which has his teammates to accompany him, Rocky Canyon (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), Wendy Waters (Kate Winslet), Jake Justice (Wesley Snipes), Ariel Flyer (Hilary Swank) and Jack Hammer (Owen Wilson).


Supporting Cast Edit

  • John Aylward as Camp Counselor
  • Michael Ensign as Cleveland News Reporter
  • Lynn Cohen as Elderly Woman
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar as India News Reporter
  • Chris Mulkey as Veteran Brooklyn Dodger Baseball Player
  • Kwame Kweh-Armah as Nigeria News Reporter #1
  • Colin McFarlane as Nigeria News Reporter #2
  • Rick Yune as John Watanbo
  • Robert Wisden as Manhattan Firefighter #1