Rescue Heroes ( TV Series )
Rescueheroes tv






Norm Spencer, Lenore Zann, Martin Roach, Joseph Motiki


Nelvana Limited

Release Media

TV ( Teletoon, CBS, Kids' WB ) and VHS ( Nelvana )



No. of Episodes


Running Time

22 minutes per episode

Rescue Heroes (TV Seies) was a running TV series animation based on the Rescue Heroes. It was produced by long-time children's animator Nelvana Limited. The series enjoyed a long 40 episodes.

The TV series was later distributed as VHS tapes that were included with certain Rescue Heroes figures.

Story LineEdit

"In a world where threats and disasters are always possible, there's a team that is always ready to respond to times of need, the Rescue Heroes. This elite rescue squad combine the skills of firefighting, police work and other special talents to answer the call for help around the world"

The storyline was writtenby industry veteran Kenneth Chisholm

Production and DistributionEdit

The production for the series was handled by Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). Animation was handled by Nelvana Limited, a Canadian animation studio. Boomstone Animation did the designs for the series. Dubbing was provided by Optimum Productions. Overseas animation was handled by the Akom Production Company.

The series were shown in the US and Canada. CBS aired the series from 1999-2000. Kid's WB aired from 2001. Telethon aired the show in Canada


Episode One:  Pilot Episode: " Lava Alarm'

Season 1

2.  Peril on the Peaks

3.  Wrath of El Nino

4.  Tidal Wave

5.  Twister

6.  Electrial Storm

7.  Meteor

8.  Arctic Spill

9.  When it Rains, it Pours

10. Four Alarm Fire and Brimstone

11. Cave In

12. Fire and Field 13

13 Storm of the Century Part One

14. Storm of the Century Part Two

Season 2

15a. Wildfire

15b. White Wall of Terror

16a. Last Stop, Disaster

16b. Rock Star on the Rocks

17a. Houston we have a problem

17b. Trapped Beneath the Sea

18a. Underwater Nightmare

18b. Eye of the Storm

19a. High Anxiety

19b. Canyon Catastrophe

20a. Mayhem in the Midst

20b. Sibling Blowout

21. Smokejumpers

22a. Edge of Disaster

22b. Flood of Fear

23a. Summertime Twister

23b. Chilling Championship

24. Flashback to Danger

25a. Tidal Wave to Pride

25b. A Whale of an Adventure

26a. Shake up int the Jungle

26b. Lights Camera Destruction

27a. Rescue Robots

27b. Race to the Finish

Season 3

28. Heroes

29a. Ultimate Ride

29b. The Newest Rescue Heroes

30a. Blackout

30b. Fire Down Under

31a. Up Up and Uh-Oh

31b. Fiery Differences

32a. On Fiery Ice

32b. Peril in the Peru

33. In the Driver's Seat

34a. For Better or Curse

34b. Bat's Life

35a. The Royal Rescue Hero

35b. Foul Weather Friends

36. Quake Me When It's Over

37a. Rock and a Hard Place

37b. Cruise into Danger

38a. Not On this Planet

38b. Tunnel Vision

39. Alone for the Holidays

40a. Going with the Wind

40b. A Bridge Too Frail

== Characters ==


Rescue Heroes TV series enjoyed mostly positive reviews. It currently holds an IMDB user score of 6.7 /10. Commonsense Media wrote, "Rescue Heroes does a lot of things right, from casting true-to-life heroes like firefighters and police officers in place of superpower-charged men of steel to keeping the stories' content relatable to the kids who are watching."



In "Mayhem In The Mist", Wendy Waters' communication device goes from being on her left ear to her right ear then back to her left ear again.

In "Canyon Catastrophe" ,When the Rescue Heroes are giving their speech on "Mountain Biking Safety", Matt Medic's watch disappears in one shot then reappears in the next shot.

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