The Rescue Heroes Firehouse.


When a fire call comes in, Rescue Heroes® firefighters Billy Blazes™ and Wendy Waters™ spring into action! Kids can lower the ladder or “slide” the figures down the pole, put them in the rescue car, and then open the firehouse doors for a quick exit! And with cool accessories like a computer console, axe, rescue trampoline and water cannon with “water” projectiles, imaginations and adventure are sure to heat up!


  • Press button on rescue car to activate siren lights and sounds
  • Turn figure on disk to open firehouse doors
  • Turn knob to lower & raise the ladder
  • Spin figure on disk to “slide” down the pole
  • Press button on roof of firehouse to lower trap door
  • Press button on water cannon to shoot “water” projectiles
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Rescue car requires 3 AAA batteries


  • Firehouse with removable flag accessory
  • Billy Blazes™ and Wendy Waters™ figures (Both Imginext)
  • Rescue car
  • Computer console
  • Walkie talkie
  • Axe
  • Trampoline
  • Jaws of life
  • And water cannon with 2 “water” projectiles


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