Richmond "Rocky" Canyon is an African American mountain climbing specialist and is the youngest member of the Rescue Heroes.


When Billy had once thought about quitting the Rescue Heroes, it was ultimately Rocky, through an audition video, that convinced him to stay, cementing Billy's decision to hire Rocky. In the episode "Twister" it was revealed that his hometown is in Oklahoma, and that his father had passed away.

Grant Granite is his professor.


"Mission Select: Avalanche."


  • As with all Rescue Heroes name, Rocky's name is a play on words. Googling "Rocky Canyon" results in a myriad of results: Rocky Canyon Pellets (business), Rocky Canyon Loop Trail (trail) , Rocky Canyon Hot Springs (tourist attraction) and so on. All these places can be found in the state of Idaho
  • Early advertisement for Rocky Canyon claimed that the Rescue Heroes team calls him "The Danger Ranger." This however has yet to happen in any movie or episode
  • In Rescue Heroes: The Movie, Rocky is scolded, admonished, and disciplined for disobeying orders. As a young rookie, he keeps disobeying direct orders and questioning his superiors. The movie's theme revolves around the consequences Rocky's disobedience brings to both his team and the safety of the world.

The color of Rocky's gloves continually change. His original toy model has purple gloves, other models have him yellow, and still yet the TV series depicts him with white gloves.


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