The Rescue Heroes Logo.


"No one gets left behind". -Rescue Heroes Motto.


The Rescue heroes are a group of men and women who will help thier fellow man no matter what. The rescue heroes work along side rescue personel to help with natural and man-made disasters. They have the most modern equipment and are always ready to help.

Human MembersEdit

  • Al T.Tude (helicopter pilot)
  • Al Ninyo (scuba diver).
  • Aaron Sky (pilot)
  • Billy Blazes ( firefighter).
  • Captain Clydes (horse-back police officer).
  • C.D Moon (astronaut).
  • Cole Burns (firefighter).
  • Dewey C.M (locations specialist).
  • Dustin Rhodes (dirt-bike racer).
  • Wendy Waters ( firefighter).
  • Jake Justice ( police officer).
  • Richmond Rocky Canyon ( mountain climber).
  • Ariel Flyer ( flight and wildlife specialist).
  • Jack Hammer ( construction worker).
  • Aidan Assist ( city rescue specialist).
  • Al Pine ( artic rescue specialist).
  • Ben Choppin (lumberjack).
  • Bill Barker (ground patrol specialist and K-9 unit).
  • Bob Buoy (Scuba diver submarine oparator).
  • Bob Sled (artic rescue specialist and animal training).
  • Brandon Irons (wildlife rescue specialist).
  • Captain Cuffs (police captain).
  • Cliff Hanger (hangglider).
  • Gil Gripper (scuba diver).
  • Hal E. Copter (helicopter operator).
  • Holden Breath (scuba diver).
  • Ivor Clue (police constable).
  • Justin Time (police officer).
  • Kenny Ride (bicycle policeman).
  • Matt Medic (peramedic).
  • Manny Hattan (firefighter).
  • Marshall Artz (martial arts specialist).
  • Marshall Law (martial arts specialist. It is belived Marshall Law is related to Marshall Artz).
  • Maureen Biologist (ocean rescue specialist and rescue diver).
  • Moe Zembeek (wildlife explorer).
  • Moriss Code (communications specialist).
  • Pat Pending (cheif equipment designer for the rescue heroes organization).
  • Perry Chute (parachuter and parasailer).
  • Phil Canteen (army specialist).
  • Red Wood (park ranger).
  • Reed Marsh (explorer.
  • Rex Steal (construction worker).
  • Rip Rockefeller (construction worker and mountain climber).
  • Rock Miner (safety spelunker).
  • Roger Houston (astronaut).
  • Sandy Beach (lifegaurd and safety specialist).
  • Sam Sparks (firefighter)
  • Sergeant Siren (police sergeant).
  • Seymore Wilde (animal rescue specialist).
  • Storm E. Night (army soldier, location specialist).
  • Sam Trap (locations specialist).
  • Telly Photo (he used to be a camera man for FP-TV but now films archive footage for the Rescue Heroes).
  • Thurston Nomore (wildlife rescue specialist).
  • Ty Phoon (water rescue specialist).
  • Warren Waters ( director and cheif of operations).
  • Willi Wachtmeister (german police officer).
  • Willy Stop (traffic officer and crowd control specialist).
  • Val cano (lava squad cheif).

Animal MembersEdit

  •  Akido (panda).
  • Burly (bear).
  • Buster (german shepherd).
  • Claude (cougar).
  • Comet (monkey).
  • Dale (horse).
  • Fang (wolf).
  • Glades (alligator).
  • Jabs (kangaroo)
  • Koyle (snake).
  • Mako (great white shark).
  • Nemo (dolphin).
  • Pounce (black panther).
  • Radar (bat).
  • Rescue Bob cat.
  • Rescue Hawk.
  • Rescue Whale.
  • Rolls (armadillo).
  • Smokey (dalmatian).
  • Specs (owl).
  • Snow (sled dog).
  • Spotter (cheetah).
  • Swinger (gorilla).
  • Swoops (bald eagle).
  • Tides (sea turtle).
  • Tundra (penguin).
  • Tusk (elephant).
  • Wind Chill (St. bernard).
  • Winter (sled dog).

Robot MembersEdit

  • 10-4 (police robot).
  • AstroBot (space robot).
  • Back Draft (fire robot).
  • Back Hoe (construction robot).
  • Blast-off (space robot).
  • Bumperbot (robot).
  • C-Ment (construction robot).
  • Clampdown (police robot).
  • E-ject (air specialist robot).
  • Ember (fire robot).
  • Firestomper (fire robot).
  • Goggles (diving robot).
  • Hyperbot (robot).
  • Keytron (space robot).
  • Responder (medical robot).
  • Robby (robot).
  • Robo helper (robot).
  • Tectonic (mountain climbing robot).
  • Wibbit (robot)

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