Wendy Waters is a firefighter and key member in the Rescue Heroes team. She is Billy Blazes' second-in-command.

She is one of the principal characters in Rescue Heroes video games and movies.

Her 1998 toy model was later updated. Wendy appears in "Rescue Heroes" VHS collection and as well as Rescue Heroes: The Movie.


Rescue Heroes Wendy Waters

Wendy is Warren Waters' daughter who works at the M.A.C.C which is the Rescue Heroes biggest Rescue department. She is a kind woman who is always ready to help. Wendy used to be a actress for a Gas company. She starred in commercials and safety videos for the plant. Her Father, Warren, did not want Wendy to join the RHP (Rescue Heroes Program) but finally agreed. She specializes in fire rescues but can handle any mission she is given.


Wendy was born in Los Angeles, California on January 2nd, 1965. She grew up on Spruce Street in Compton, CA. She is the wise and gentle leader of the Rescue Heroes. She looks up to Billy Blazes, her best friend. As the daughter of Warren Waters, she pushes herself to live up to the family name. In several episodes of the animated Rescue Heroes released on VHS, Wendy expresses deep-set fears and phobias. Her teamates , in particular Billy, seek to help her overcome these fears and accomplish the mission at hand.

In the episode "Tidal Wave," Wendy reveals a phobia of drowning when she survives the malfunction of an oxygen tank during a scuba dive. Weeks after, Wendy struggles to overcome her fear. The team needs to evacuate a community before a tidal wave runs them over. Wendy still fears drowning. Throughout the episode, she has severe flashbacks and panic attacks.

As one of the few women in the Rescue Heroes team, Wendy is a strong and dynamic leader. She is good friends with her female compatriot Ariel Flyer. She has a reputation for giving good practical advice. When Jack Hammer and his sister entered in a bitter brother-sister feud, Wendy helped them to reconcile.

Soft-spoken and gentle, Wendy counsels safety to both her team and the community.


"Stay calm and follow my lead."

"Don't look down, just look at me."


  • Wendy Waters is Warren Waters' daughter.
  • It was revealed that the Waters family used to own a Dynamite Factory.
  • Some say Wendy is not a true rescue hero, due to her father being the head of the RHP. But Wendy feels she had to go through more to even be considered!
  • Wendy is second in command at the M.A.C.C.
  • Wendy specializes in Fire Rescues.
  • In Rescue Heroes: The Movie, Wendy had a ponytail.
  • She is Ned Waters' cousin. She has a fear of diving in "tidal wave".
  • In "quake me when its over", Wendy rescues her grandfather after an explosion.


Wendy Waters

Imaginext Wendy Waters

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